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Congratulations to my stellar and determined client Bella on earning her BH title last night with her 19 month old black male "Ivo" aka Ironman from Opal and Jax!!! Bella also owns "Arkos" who is from Cinder & Kiro and has titled Arkos to his BH title as well. Cinder is a daughter of our import female Hexe and is the grandmother of Ivo as she is the mother of Opal. Both Cinder and Opal live with our wonderful Co-owner Judy who whelped and raised both litters that Ivo and Arkos are from, our I-Litter in early 2022 and Arkos from our A-Litter in 2019. Bella has done a fantastic job raising these two intact males together, keeping them occupied with training time and play time and reaping the benefits of good dog stuardship now in the trial ring! Bella will continue to work toward her IGP1 titles with her boys, we wish you the best of luck Bella as you continue on with your quest!!

Arkos & Ivos - BH Titled Uncle and Nephews owner trained and titled by Bella their loving owner!

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