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Dogs/Older Puppies Available Now

Page Updated 11/29/2019

Contact Us for a list of current lower cost adoptable adult dogs available to forever homes. 

These dogs vary in age from one year to senior aged retired females. Adoption costs will vary per dog, starting at $500 and up. Absolutely NO breeding homes. 

These dogs are looking for ADULT ONLY homes, no children please. Some of these dogs have not had proper socialization with children that we would require to be adopted into homes with children so please do not contact us if you have children or grandchildren that will interact with the dogs on a regular basis only due to the fact that we do not know how many of them will respond around children. Most of these dogs are going to be happiest with another medium to large dog of the opposite sex for company. They will do BEST in low key, low visitor traffic homes in the beginning of their time with you. Some have been socialized around horses and would do well in a large property/ranch situation. These dogs will do best with at home training. All are crate trained. We really just are looking for homes where the dog is not expected to venture out on every errand with the owners, they may become adjusted to that life in time but we do not want owners to be expecting that in the beginning from some of these dogs, they are happiest at home with their owners, no dog parks please. There are males and females available, the majority are females. Some have been hip and elbow certified already and some not yet at this point due to young age.