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Becca is the most wonderful female and is searching for her soft spot to land so that she can enjoy life uninterrupted lounging on her dog bed or playing ball. We adopted her last December when our breeder friend passed away. She had imported her from Europe, we were able to have one final litter from Becca and she is now retired from breeding. She loves her pal Nitro that she came with from Laural's and she is an easygoing female that should get along with most any other male. She treats others as she would like to be treated is the best way to describe her with my other females, if they don't bother her she won't bother them, but we would prefer a male dog only home for her. 

Contact Us for a list of current lower cost adoptable adult dogs available to forever homes. 

These dogs vary in age from one year to senior aged retired females. Adoption costs will vary per dog, starting at $500 and up. Absolutely NO breeding homes. 

These dogs are looking for ADULT ONLY homes, no children please. Some of these dogs have not had proper socialization with children that we would require to be adopted into homes with children so please do not contact us if you have children or grandchildren that will interact with the dogs on a regular basis. Most of these dogs are going to be happiest with another medium to large dog of the opposite sex for company. They will do BEST in low key, low visitor traffic homes in the beginning of their time with you. Some have been socialized around horses and would do well in a large property/ranch situation. There are males and females available, the majority are females. Some have been hip and elbow certified already and some not yet at this point due to young age.

Available Retired - Trained Female