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Focus, focus, focus…Training eye contact.

Teaching your puppy to focus and respond to their name is one of the first essential skills all dogs must learn. We break down how to teach this using positive reinforcement and easy to follow steps.

Check out this great video by our favorite online trainer Tab289 and please feel free to lend your support to him at the links below the video, he shares some incredible content.

Here are some playlists of his tutorials: Puppy Training Playlist with STAR the German Shepherd Dog: Basic Obedience Tutorials (Puppy and Beyond!): DOG TRICKS Playlist:

All our original content on YouTube is made possible by our Patrons. Join us on Patreon for additional exclusive videos, tutorials, and more! You can offer as much support as you choose. To connect with us directly or to contact us regarding business inquiries, find us on Instagram: trainingpositive Watson is a 16 week old Labrador retriever who learned how to do this in a matter of weeks.

If you would like to follow our work and learn more about training your dog effectively, follow us: Instagram: tab289 Website: #fetch#dogtraining#retrieve#tutorial#clickertraining

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