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Becca vom Haus Gilice - European Import

beccahead2 copy.jpg

SV Hips a-normal & Elbows a-normal
DM Clear N/N 
MDR1 Clear N/N

Color: Black/Red

We are thankful to have "Becca" a beautiful European import female join our breeding program here at West Coast German Shepherds in late 2021. Sired by 2 time VA Symon di Casa Massarelli, IPO3, grandson of German VA Furbo Idegli Achei, SchH3, IPO2, one of the top producers in Germany with hundreds of winning offspring, Becca's mother is a granddaughter of the world reknowned multi time German VA Hill vom Farbenspiel, Schh3, and with yet another famous male VA Yasko vom Farbenspiel on her maternal granddam's side. 

Becca was imported by a breeder friend that recently passed away in late 2021, we adopted a few of her dogs and added  a couple of them to our breeding program since they were such nice examples of the breed in temperament, structure and pedigree. Becca's temperament is second to none, she has a fun loving, stable temperament, correct and balanced structure, and a classic, beautiful head. We just had one litter with Becca with Ramsey vom Valenhaus in early 2022 and she is now retired, we have kept two daughters from that litter, a long coat female named Orbit for the future of our West Coast breeding program and Ramsey's owner has kept her sister Orchid for her own program. I would like to thank her previous owner's husband for the opportunity to have Becca and to our late friend for choosing such an exceptional female to import from Europe. She was a stickler for pedigree's and well structured dogs with good work ethic and it shows in her pick of Becca. 


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