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V1 Zamp Von Der Urbecke  SchH3 (x6), IPO3, KKL1 Lbz.
HD/ED-SV: Hips a-normal (a1), Elbows a-normal (a1) ZW 75
Clear N/N for Degenerative Myelopathy - OFA Cardiac Clear

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Zamp Von Der Urbecke was an integral addition to our breeding program here at West Coast German Shepherds. Imported by us from one of Germany's top kennels, Urbecke, Zamp was a top quality, proven male from some of the most sought after bloodlines in Germany. Sired by Vice Sieger VA2 Quenn Von Löher Weg, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH1 and out of V Bia Von Der Urbecke, SchH 3 (Littermate to VA1 Bazi Von Der Urbecke). Accomplished both in the show ring and on the training field (6 times SchH 3, IPO3), Zamp had everything we were looking for in a stud dog for our breeding program.

Zamp produced beautiful puppies with excellent temperaments, very good structure, exceptional rich red color and good drives. Owners of his puppies have been extremely pleased with both their temperaments and good looks, and many tell us how they get stopped on the street when walking their Zamp puppies. Needless to say we were proud and very happy to have an outstanding sire of Zamp's caliber as part of our program here at West Coast German Shepherds. He produced many winning offspring that also did excellent on the Schutzhund/IPO field with excellent placings at Sieger shows in the working class. Many thanks to Friedrich Stenner and Kennel Urbecke for the opportunity to own this amazing dog, he was a once in a lifetime dog to own, never to be replaced and with a work and show resume that will remain unmatched in this lifetime.


2009 German Youth Universal Sieger

V59 - German Sieger Show - 2009

V9 - North American Sieger Show 2010

V6 - North American Sieger Show 2011


Breed Survey Report

Large, medium strong, dry and firm, the running bones are proportionate to the body, good expression. High withers. Strong straight back, croup has good length, slightly steep. Very good angulated in front and rear, normal chest proportions. Straight front. Straight moving in front and rear. Harmonious far reaching gaits with good back transmission. Sure temperament. Self confidence and the ability to cope with stress pronounced, lets out.

Height 65cm

Zamp bite work A1 best.jpg

Schutzhund Titles & Scores
SchH1 - Tracking: 97 Obedience: 90 Protection: 97 - Total: 284

SchH2 - Tracking: 98 Obedience: 86 Protection: 92 - Total: 276

SchH3 - Tracking: 94 Obedience: 90 Protection: 96 - Total: 280

IPO3 -    Tracking: 90 Obedience: 86 Protection: 94 - Total: 270

SchH3 - Tracking: 96 Obedience: 90 Protection: 96 - Total: 282

SchH3 - Tracking: 97 Obedience: 85 Protection: 98 - Total: 280

SchH3 - Tracking: 96 Obedience: 90 Protection: 97 - Total: 283

SchH3 - Tracking: 91 Obedience: 88 Protection: 94 - Total: 273

Show Record
1st Place Winner of Germany's 2009 Youth Universal Sieger Competition  
414 points with Laura Paschedag 

Health Certifications, Pedigree and Breed Survey

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