son of  8x SG1 Margman Yes, IPO2

Tarantino vom Haus Tchorz

OFA Good Hips & Normal Elbows @ 20 mos. 

DM Clear N/N

Color: Dominant Black w/Sable - No Long Coat Gene

Presenting a very special addition to our program here at West Coast German Shepherds. A direct son of the well known SG 32 dog at the German Sieger Show, V Margmann Yes IPO2. 


Tango is a very unique and special addition here for many reasons. With multiple VA dogs in his unique pedigree such as 2 time VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag, VA Furbo degli Achei, and VA Ussi von Pallas Athene. Another special factor of course is his rare dominant black color, which also happens to be masking a sable gene inherited by his mother Farrina, so when bred to any typical black/red females he will produce all three colors, black, sable and black/red. He carries a gene inherited from his father and the generations behind him called "The dominant black gene consists of three different alleles, or variants. The first allele, which is dominant, is notated as "KB," or dominant black. The dominant black allele is actually a mutation that reduces or eliminates the expression of the agouti gene (A locus). To learn more about the agouti gene and the dominant black gene please visit www.animalgenetics.us. Because this mutation is dominant, a dog only needs to have one copy of the mutation to affect the agouti locus. If a dog is KB/KB or KB/n that means that they will be solid black in color.


He was added to our program not for his interesting color possibilities, since we already own two dominant black females from these bloodlines, but he was added because of his excellent temperament, very easy going and relaxed in his nature, while still exhibiting good play drives. He has excellent structure, and a magnificent head to match it. We are so excited for his future and I know he will be a great asset to the future of West Coast German Shepherds. 


We are looking forward his first litters to arrive in early 2019 here at West Coast German Shepherds.


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