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Ramsey vom Valenhaus

ramseystackweb (1) (1).jpg

OFA Hips Good- Elbows Normal
DM Clear N/N
MDR1 Clear N/N

Color: Black & Red Long Coat
Owned by R. Butts 

"Ramsey" is a large impressive male with a stunning deep red and black, long coat. Ramsey is German bred and imported from Belgium. His pedigree encompasses a number of world champion dogs and his flawless beauty, structure and temperament are proof of his bloodlines. Ramsey embodies all of the wonderful traits of a GSD he loves to work but enjoys playing just as much and can’t wait to get to his giggle ball every morning. We are blessed to be able to use Ramsey in our breeding program, many thanks to our best friends at So Cal German Shepherds for allowing us to occasionally use him in our program.


Ramsey has an excellent temperament and is happy to meet anyone and everyone. He is an excellent example of the German Shepherd breed. 


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