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Optimizing Your Pet’s Health

Every loving Pet Parent wishes more than anything for their pet to live a longer, healthier life. Some ‘parents’ wait for signs of poor health before taking action. There’s a simple way to keep the health of your precious pet. “A pound of prevention is BETTER than a cure”

If you have a:

  • New puppy or kitten and want to give them a healthy start in life

  • Pets with no serious health issues, and you’d like to do all you can to help keep it that way

  • Pet that may be predisposed to certain issues, and you’d like to provide an extra nutritional boost to maintain their health and stack the odds in their favor

Beautiful German Shepherd Puppy
One of our stunning West Coast GSD puppies from a few years ago.

Giving your young pets a healthy start in life is a smart move. Wanting to help maintain your pet’s good health is much is similar to you taking a multivitamin to help fill in the gaps in your diet. Or taking probiotics for your gut health.

You can reach for a pet supplement BUT they are not all are the same. Many are imported from China and be sure to check for recalls as many foods, treats and supplements are ‘pet grade’ not human grade. There’s no question that the vast majority of pets can benefit from immune support for overall well-being & longevity.

You Feed Your Pet Healthy Food…Why do They Need Extra Nutrients?

Even if you choose wholesome ingredients, pet foods are highly heated which destroys crucial micronutrients. These are the minerals, enzymes and vitamins that help optimize health.

SUGGESTION: Staying on top of your pet’s health needs need NOT be a daunting task. Especially since your beloved companions are surrounded by pollutants and toxins in their homes, yards, and even the local park. A pet’s needs 3 basics when it comes to physical health:

  1. Species-appropriate nutrition

  2. A sound, resilient body, which includes muscle tone, body weight, teeth, and internal organs (exercise and healthy weight)

  3. A balanced, functional immune system to protect your pet from pathogens and cellular damage

Many owners don’t fully understand what’s involved, much less where to start. Lets dive into #3, how to support your pet’s immune health…

Why Your Pet’s Immune Health Matters

Supporting your pet's immune health from an early age is key for a long, healthy life. Your pet explores his world with all his senses & you can’t control where he sniffs and licks, but you can help support his immune system to cope with whatever he comes in contact with. This is simpler to do with a younger pet whose immune system is operating at full tilt. As your pet ages, her immune function declines and may require more support.

Everyday stress, pollutants and toxins, excessive vaccines, certain ingredients in pet foods, and various health conditions produce free radicals in your pet’s body which can affect immune function. Free radicals

"Oxidation," produces a dangerous chain placing stress on your pet’s immune function.

Exposing the Mystery Behind Oxidation and Immune Health

Oxidation in half an apple exposed to air. You know what happens when you slice an apple and leave it exposed to air - it turns brown or “oxidizes.” This oxidation occurs because the cells in the fruit have been damaged.  However, you’ve probably discovered that if you dip apple slices in lemon juice right after you cut them, they don’t turn brown. This is because the natural antioxidants in the fruit juice halt the oxidation process.

The Role of Antioxidants in Cellular Health

Antioxidants are important for cellular health, including the eyes, brain, and nerves. We already talked about how antioxidant-packed lemon juice protects fruit cells from oxidation. It’s not much different with your pet’s cells. Antioxidants are powerful compounds that help bodies fight off the harmful effects of oxidation and keep cells healthy.  

Antioxidants help protect your pet's cells by:

  • Neutralizing oxidizing free radicals, leaving them less harmful

  • Reducing oxidative stress in your pet's body and protecting his cells' delicate DNA

  • Supporting cellular, tissue, and organ health

  • As an extra bonus, certain antioxidants can cross your pet's blood-brain and blood-retina barriers, making them especially valuable for protecting delicate brain, nerve, and eye tissues.

We recommend NuVet Plus immune booster… A ‘treat’ Pets love…

Loaded with Antioxidants, and VITAL human grade ingredients to NOURISH your Pet

21 years recall free | Human Grade | US sourced & manufactured… Peace of mind!

$16 a month for many more Healthy- Happy years together…

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