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How To Create Separation Anxiety...

•Pet your dog, all the time •Talk to your dog, all the time •Allow your dog to follow you, all the time •Allow your dog to be on your lap or laying on your feet, all the time •Pet, soothe, comfort your dog when it whines or barks for attention...or is simply anxious •Allow your dog to demand affection/interactions •Be emotionally dependent on your dog •Allow your dog to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants •Provide no structure or rules •Refuse to crate train your dog •Refuse to correct your dog when inappropriate behavior occurs •Refuse to train your dog to be calm, relaxed, and independent by using a “Place” command, and/or “away” time in the crate •Allow you and your home to be a free-for-all, where your dog has zero leadership and guidance •Let your dog out of the crate when it whines or barks •Avoid training or anything that makes your dog uncomfortable or unhappy •And many, many more...

Basically, baby, soothe, allow, enable, lean on, and create a toxic when you leave, your dog is a mess, because you haven’t prepared them to be strong, resilient, robust, independent, and alone.

It always seems to be something folks are struggling with. SA is often unintentionally created, and often done so with good intentions but poor understanding.

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