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Jacko vom Herbramer Wald

jaxheadweb (1).jpg

OFA Hips Good- Elbows Normal @ 16 months
DM Clear N/N
MDR1 Clear N/N

Color: Black & Red
Owned by R. Butts 

"Jax" is a magnificent large male with a striking dark black and red show coat. His black mask and flowing movement along with his gentle loving yet protective temperament is a true testament to his German ancestry. We are blessed to be able to use Jax in our breeding program, many thanks to our best friends at So Cal German Shepherds for allowing us to occasionally use him in our program.


 Jax has an excellent and sweet temperament and we enjoy every visit we have with Jax. He enjoys his time with his families young grandchildren and his best friend is a French Bulldog. He is a very well rounded and in our eyes, a perfect companion and example of the German Shepherd breed. 


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