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Bolt vom Tal der Sterne


OFA Hips Excellent - Elbows Normal @ 22 months
DM Clear N/N
MDR1 Clear N/N

Color: Black & Red
Owned by R. Butts 

"Bolt" is a large male with outstanding pigment and color, his structure and movement are beautifully harmonious and he has the wonderfully stable temperament that is so important to the breed. He is from European parents that possess some of the finest top German pedigrees for many generations. Bolt is a male that any family would love to have in their home, he has a fun loving playful personality without compromising the protection qualities that the German Shepherd Dog is well known for.

Bolt's offspring have shown fantastic, outgoing temperaments, beautiful coloring and structure and great protectors and companions for their families, which is why we have used him more than once in our own breeding program. We are lucky to call his owner a good friend and are so fortunate to have such a wonderful male to breed to on occasion.


Pedigree Bolt vom Tal Der Sterne
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