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Blossom aus dem Elch Wald

image1 (3).jpeg

OFA Good Hips & Normal Elbows @ 13 mos. 
DM Clear N/N
MDR1 Clear N/N

Color: Black/Red

Our beautiful Blossom aus dem Elch Wald is one of our co-owned females, living with our partner Judy in Nevada. Blossom is from one of our favorite crosses ever, V1 Kiro vom Konigsadler and Anna aus dem Elch Wald. Blossom and her full siblings have some of the best temperaments we've ever produced. Great, solid family dogs and Blossom is producing the same in her own litters. We and our good friends have had this motherline for many, many years and there have been some outstanding dogs that have come from this line. Stemming all the way back to the beautiful Fanny vom Stoppelberger Wald from our good friend Bernd's kennel in Germany. From Fanny, to Molly, to Sissy and her excellent full brother E-Titan vom Paukenschlag, these dogs have had only excellent temperaments and that continues today in Blossom's puppies. We look forward to Blossom's younger full sister Shadow following in her footsteps and feel blessed to have them both as a part of our program.


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