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2015 Show Results

1st Place Veteran Class
VA Randy vom Leithawald

VP1 Yupp von der Westküste
& VP2 Yurple von der Westküste

VP3 Qairo von der Westküste

VP4 Qayenne von der Westküste






Planned & Current Litters

Titan & Haska

Legende & Tyra

Randy & Mousy

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B-Litter Born February 27th - 1 Male Available




VA Randy vom Leithawald SchH3, KKL1 Life

SchH3, KKL1 Life, AKC Registered, DNA, SV Pink Papers
Hips & Elbows
a-normal (ZW 73)-DM CLEAR
VA Yoker vom Leithawald, SchH3 KKL1
V Ubi vom Leithawald,
SchH 3, KKL1

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V1 SG51(BSZS) Mousy von Dakota IPO1, KKL1 Life
IPO1, KKL, DNA, SV Pink Papers
Hips: a-normal Elbows
a-fast normal (ZW 82) - DM CLEAR
V Sambo von Arlett, SchH3, KKL1
Mother: V10 (BSZS) Emily von der Bastillie,
SchH2, KKL1


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Co-Owned E-Litter Born April 9th - Males & 1 Female Available


We are happy to present our clients with another stunning litter from Titan and Haska, with 4 males and 1 female in the litter. Puppies in their previous litter had wonderful temperaments, great color and pigment, and excellent structure and are doing well in their family homes. We expect the same from this litter as well. Both Titan and Haska have excellent, sound temperaments and structure, both receiving the highest possible rating of SG in the young and youth classes at the 2011 German Sieger Show. 

These puppies will be ready for their new homes on June 4th.
Photos coming next week of the current litter.

 V E-Titan vom Paukenschlag - SchH2, KKL1
SchH2 DNA, AKC Registered
Hips a-normal & Elbows
a-noch zugelassen (ZW 79) - DM Clear
Father: V Ix aus der Birkenschaferei, SchH3 KKL1
V1 Molly vom Paukenschlag,
SchH1, KKL1

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SG (BSZS) Haska von den Warsteiner Quellen - IPO1, KKL1
IPO1, DNA, SV Pink Papers, AKC Registered
Hips & Elbows
a-normal (ZW 79) - DM Clear
V1 Renzo vom Holtkämper See  SchH3, IPO3, KKL1
V1 Luna vom Tönsbrock,
SchH3, KKL1

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Co-Owned with Andre Pinkernell



Planned Litters Spring 2015



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Information Regarding Our Waiting Lists

Please contact us to be added to our waiting lists for our 2015 Spring Litters.  We do not charge to place your name on the waiting list for a litter. Placing your name on a waiting list or placing a deposit with us tells us that you have chosen us as the breeder of your choice for your future family companion.




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